An Answered Prayer

In a distant time between us
With distant shore and stars
All roads leads to you

In an empty chair we both seeing
With the same prayer we’re bringing
All roads leads to this

Seeing you in delight
Clasping our hands together
Eternity resides

Worshipping God together
Offering our joy and longing
Blessing this union forever

In gratitude
We proclaim thee
Your faithfulness

Cherishing each day
Rejoicing in glory
Praising you mightily

This we pray,



An Ode to Boaz

I havent met You

But I know

That You are praying

For Me


I hope that you will notice me too

The way you noticed Ruth too

Not in the fields of barley

But in this fields of the earth


I had to keep my heart in check

Knowing I wanted to be pure

With this longing


At this moment, I thank You

For your gentle words

For your encouragement

For your protection

For providing my spiritual needs

For waiting for me


Your integrity is known to everyone

Your compassion extends to others

Your heart is filled with love

It is strong and humble


So take me as you please

As I lay down before my God

And heavens rejoice in Glory.


(Originally written last Oct.2015)



On Fatima’s Feast Day

Right after office work, I went to mall to buy the office supplies of ink. Why? Cause I lived near the mall. In the Philippines, the popular mall is SM owned by the wealthy Henry Sy.

Just an ordinary work routine again.

Got home to see my sister preparing the dinner. While I eat first the one piece kiwi fruit on my empty stomach. Yes, you read it right. On empty stomach and I need to wait another 1 hour before I eat again. And yes, there is an explanation for that as what I learned in the Health Forum I attended some years ago.

While waiting to pass time, as a social networking reader online that I am,  I read the post on Diet and Health on Time, the language you should never used abroad on Career Addict and finally the post written by Mr. Jon Espina when he guest post in The Change Blog.

I have read similar article related to that.

And yes, I’ve been writing too but it took me so long to make it more personally in a blog. (That’s why I’m here!) I am also a writer back in school organization, contributed a poetry and article. In college, manage a yearbook publication as Managing Editor then later EIC (save for some story later) and college publication too.

While working, I manage to write in Divine Caroline website for free (but right now, it is a magazine website) and some of my poetry and write-up are still there. Then something happened that made me forget about writing (save some achy-breaky story for this and how did some achy-breaky story saved it too!)

Yes, its true. You need a lot of practice. Even though you didnt have audience, whether your vocabulary is wrong or grammar is incorrect. See, even that sentence  makes you think twice if I post it right! Hahha!!

But I wanted to say thank you to Jon Espina for writing this. It awaken something in me to just continue writing here. Maybe because he is a Filipino that I feel its closely struck me. What better way to motivate you when your fellow writer is same as your race.

So here’s the inspiration line:


So for those struggling to write, keep shining!

And now, I think I’m ready to eat my dinner! 🙂

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for me.

The Avengers and Me

No, this is not about the heroic nor the essence of the movie, Avengers, Age of Ultron. Though I would say that the movie was great. Cinematography was amazing.

Today is May 1, Labor Day in the Philippines.

I was supposed to meet a friend for this meeting but cancelled in the last minute. But I didnt take that personally. I know myself, I can still enjoy watching movie alone. This is my me time now.

So I fall in line at SM Cinema, Annex location in the mall. There was a lot of people buying for a ticket. I’m glad one of the counter opened and announced for those Avengers moviegoers only. I made it on time, still having 20 minutes before the actual show. But still I needed to go inside so I still have my seats taken.

And yeah, there are almost there. I had to choose the second front seat at the balcony. I asked the old man if that seats were taken. He nodded no. I went in.

Besides me was his grandson and him. Oh boy! The child is cute in his sweater. Everyone is rushing in to find their seats. The family in front of me took the front seats. Popcorn seller is roaming around while it is still in commercial setting.

And finally someone took a seat on my right side. Now, the movie started.

The child leans forward. He eyes glued on the screen. He even stand up. I think he is only 5 or 6 yrs old. And the grandfather told him to watch quietly.

What a lovely sight of the day!

Mostly, I’ve seen a mother and daughter, a father and his son. I just find it amazing to see them both.

I hope one day, I can still able to bond with my future grandson and granddaughter too. Just saying.

Thank you Lord for showing them to me.

The prayer in Pilgrimage

I joined the Manaog Pilgrimage last weekend, April 18, 2015. During the mass, I prayed for eveyone’s intention who privately send me a message.

Along with the other prayers, I prayed for mine too.

One week after the pilgrimage, my prayer has been granted.

Not in a way that I like but in a way that He knows it is right.

I wonder if next time I joined a pilgrimage that Ill pray different request for my own sake. But that so selfish. I always seek the Lord’s will for it.

Why does my prayer for someone’s intention has always been granted? And why I don’t like having these kind of feeling when I know I’m just being protected.

I know, I’m grateful and thankful.

It’s just that I hope I made the right prayer too.


Finally, I am here!








This has been an overdue dream for me. I’ve been busy with other life’s commitment. The original title of this blog is The Traveller’s Heart taken from the poem I have written some years ago. Unluckily, it wasn’t available.

And so, it is merely applicable to use the present tense of travel instead.

The Travelling Heartsbecause some thoughts are well expressed while wandering..

Cheers! 🙂